Bloom: the final masterpiece in our Shibori inspired collection, where oversized linear organic floral shapes take centre stage, making a bold statement in both scale and colour. Motivated by the timeless beauty of classic tie-dye techniques, Bloom captivates with its dappled, blended colors that evoke a sense of effortless elegance. Each floral motif blooms with a sense of vibrancy and vitality, adding a touch of drama to any space. With its larger-than-life presence, Bloom transforms ordinary environments into extraordinary works of art, inviting you to immerse yourself in a world of botanical wonder

Anti Bacterial Stain Resistant Breathable Moisture Barrier Environmentally Friendly Bleach Cleanable
Made to order Fabric Width 154cm Printed Width 140cm-142cm Pattern Repeat V: 93cm H:140cm

Full Specifications

composition & weight
Weave, Chenille, Suede, Eco P.U Polyester 90% Polyurethane 10%
abrasion resistance

Martindale Abrasion Method AS 2001.2.25 (12kPa)

No Significant wear after completion of abrasion test (rubs)

Weave 84,000+ Chenille 90,000+ Suede 90,000+ Eco P.U 100,000+

Surface finish – Stain repellent Fluorocarbon C6 technology.
Kinder to the environment – PFOA/PFOS free.
Back coating (Waterproof) – Water based Polyurethane coating, heavy metal free

f.r standards

Tested to Australian standards AS 1530.3
Spread of Flame Index : 0
Smoke Developed Index : 5
I.M.O Standards A.652 (16 )
AS/NZS 3837
*Fire test certificates available upon request


Treated for bacterial protection resistant to bacteria growth – AATCC 100-2102

bleach cleanable

Tested to Australian standards AS 2001.4.11
Class 4-5 – No change of colour
Acceptable bleach cleaning – 1 part bleach 10 parts water & rinse thoroughly.
High concentration of bleach or long term exposure to bleach not recommended.

colourfastness to light

Tested to Australian standards
AS 2001.4.21-2006
Final Rating 4
Fusion is suitable for indoor use only.
Protect from direct sunlight.


Fusion fabrics are free of potentially harmful levels of Formaldehyde, heavy metals,
PFOA, PFOS, Phthalates and Phenols.

Fusion fabrics can be recycled.

performance properties

Water Resistance Hydrostatic Head
ATCC 127-2008 – 120cms
Tear strength
ASTM D2261-1 (Tongue Single Rip)
Length 180N Width 418 N
Tensile strength
ASTM D5034-2009 (Grab Method) –
Mean breaking force 2000 N
Seam slippage
ASTM D4034-92

No seam slippage Warp 228N, Weft 223N
Pilling resistance ASTM D3511-2005 – No pilling
*Test certificates available upon request.

stain resistance
ISO 105 A03

Water Based Removal of – After 24 hours
Blood (Artificial) 5
Urine (Artificial) 5
Betadine 5
Iodine 5
Tomato sauce 5
Sun tan Lotion 4-5
• Class 5 – complete removal
• Class 4 – Good removal
• Class 1 – No removal

care & maintenance

Regular maintenance – Vacuum fabric regularly to remove crumbs, dust and dirt to avoid build up.
Spills – Soak up spills as quickly as possible using dry absorbent cloth.
Stains – Most stains can be cleaned using a damp cloth. For persistent stains use a warm soapy
water solution. Moderate scrubbing with a soft bristle brush and soapy solution will help loosen
soiling from the fabric surface. It is very important to remove all soap residue with clean water.
Fusion can also be cleaned with a bleach solution (1 part bleach 10 parts water) rinse all residue.
Do not use solvent based cleaners. Failure to follow cleaning instructions may permanently stain
and reduce the life of the fabric.


Waterproof upholstery fabrics, suitable for Heavy Commercial and Healthcare applications.