From one family business to another, Austex is proud to be an exclusive wholesaler of Recasens' renowned Recacril range.
Founded in 1886 in Barcelona, Recasens is a leader in innovation, manufacturing high-performance technical fabrics for sun protection, textile architecture, and marine industries. Austex holds stock in Recacril Awning, marine, and Recsystem products, ensuring our customers have access to premium-quality solutions for a variety of applications.

Outdoor Marine Grade Mould & Mildew Resistant Breathable Free Samples AUS Metro

Why Recasens?

We choose Recasens because their commitment to innovation and quality aligns seamlessly with our values at Austex. Just like Recasens, we are driven by the needs of architects and designers, constantly striving to deliver the best quality and performance in our products. With their personal guarantee and certifications, Recasens ensures that every fabric meets the highest standards, reflecting our shared dedication to excellence.