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With a legacy spanning over decades, we take immense pride in crafting our own line of commercial-grade vinyls, catering to a diverse array of industries. Austex stands as a stalwart in supplying fabrics across various sectors including Commercial, Healthcare, hospitality, educational facilities and the Marine industry.

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Fusion Printed Fabrics

Manufactured right here in our Melbourne warehouse with meticulous care and precision, Fusion is not your average printed fabric. It represents the pinnacle of high-performance, commercial-grade textiles, harnessing cutting-edge technology and premium materials to deliver unparalleled quality and functionality.

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Austex Fabrics, as an exclusive design and manufacturing company, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We take pride in constantly pushing boundaries and staying ahead of the curve with our latest products and trends. Explore this space to discover our newest creations, fresh designs, and cutting-edge innovations. Stay tuned as we continue to unveil exciting updates that redefine the world of upholstery fabrics and vinyls.

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From one family business to another, Austex is proud to be an exclusive wholesaler of Recasens' renowned Recacril range.
Founded in 1886 in Barcelona, Recasens is a leader in innovation, manufacturing high-performance technical fabrics for sun protection, textile architecture, and marine industries. Austex holds stock in Recacril Awning, marine, and Recsystem products, ensuring our customers have access to premium-quality solutions for a variety of applications.

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