Pellan Ultimate

The ultimate upholstery vinyl which combines durability with the appeal of genuine leather. Long lasting quality has given Pellan Ultimate the reputation for excellence in all commercial furniture applications. The outstanding performance of Pellan Ultimate makes it the best choice for use in high traffic areas. Perfect for use in hotels, restaurants, hospital and educational facilities. Pellan Ultimate is U/V resistant which enables the vinyl to withstand extreme outdoor conditions. The vinyl fabric is also treated with a protech coating, a protective finish which helps guard against stains and inhibits the growth of bacteria in healthcare environments.

Fire Retardant Mould & Mildrew Resistant UV Stabalised Bleach Cleanable Stain Resistant Environmentally Friendly Indoor Outdoor
Roll Length 30m Gauge 1.0mm Roll Width 137cm Abrasian Resistance 100,000+


30 Colours
Pellan Ultimate – Dove White Pellan Ultimate – Mondo Pellan Ultimate – White Cap Pellan Ultimate – Stucco Pellan Ultimate – Vienna Pellan Ultimate – Putty Pellan Ultimate – Bamboo Pellan Ultimate – Oasis Pellan Ultimate – Avocado Pellan Ultimate – Bottle Green Pellan Ultimate – Jaffa Orange Pellan Ultimate – Koi Pellan Ultimate – Mars Red Pellan Ultimate – Scarlet Pellan Ultimate – Raspberry Pellan Ultimate – Bali Pellan Ultimate – Tilansia Pellan Ultimate – Plum Perfect Pellan Ultimate – Burgundy Pellan Ultimate – Azure Blue Pellan Ultimate – Blue Fog Pellan Ultimate – True Blue Pellan Ultimate – Iris Pellan Ultimate – Cement Pellan Ultimate – Crete Pellan Ultimate – Falcon Pellan Ultimate – Mudd Pellan Ultimate – Coco Pellan Ultimate – Tempest Pellan Ultimate – Black

Full Specifications



PVC 85% Polyester 15%
abrasian resistance

Test method AS 2001.2.25
(12 kPa pressure)
Martindale Method.

No Significant wear after 100,000+ rubs


Tested to Australian standards
(AS 1530.3)
Spread of flame: 0
Smoke developed: 5
I.M.O. Standards A. 652 (16)
F.A.S. – 25.853
*Fire test certificates available upon request

anti-microbial & anti-bacterial:

Sanitised to inhibit growth of bacteria, mould & mildew.

colour fastness to light

Pellan Ultimate is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Light fastness rating 6-7
ISO 105-B02-1994
(Grey scale 1-5)

colour fastness to bleach:

Tested to Australian standards
(AS 2001.4.11)
No change of colour rating 4-5

rohs standards:

Pellan Ultimate is ROHS certified, restricting the use of hazardous substances. No Formaldehyde, Lead, Mercury & Chromium is used in the manufacturing process.

care & maintenance:

Regular cleaning is recommended to maintain the appearance of the fabric and to prevent build-up of dirt and contaminants.

Most stains can be cleaned using warm soapy water followed by clean water rinsing. Stubborn stains – for best results treat all stains immediately.

Wipe stain with cloth dipped in isopropyl alcohol, rinse with clean water to remove any residual cleaning agent and let dry. Please see care & guarantee below in downloads.

All Austex products are designed and manufactured in accordance with the quality assurance system ISO 9001


Suitable for heavy commercial upholstery, marine, healthcare & screens.